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Innovative solutions for the hemp industry


Horizon Harvesting Featured Product 

2019 Boulder Dual Bucker 


Cutting-Edge Technologies

Dual bucking station increase efficiency and reduce labor.
Clear 1 acre every 15 working hours 
Process stems from 1 inch to 0. Lotus changes automatically no need to change set up to accommodate many types of material quality.
Handles both wet and dry stems not damaging the flower
Variable speed control and forward, revers controls and stop 
Reduces labor costs and saves time
Smooth bucking with wet or dry material
Processes up to 160lbs/per hour
Built from all food grade 304 stainless steel.
Designed to integrate perfectly with cGMP Compliant facilities
Silent operation
Runs on Standard 110V
Outdoor and indoor use
Industrial grade, 100% serviceable, 100% rebuild able
Can be upscaled to accommodate a conveyor systems or bin catchment systems
6 industrial grade plug

HDR farms Testimonial

We have worked closely with HDR farms to make sure we have our finger on the pulse of the bucking market. We can buck Wet, Green Big and small stems. 


Dry Bucking up close


Wet Bucking


Our Products

Continually Innovative

Iris technology


Cutting edge 
Adjust automatically 
Diameter capacity 1 inch to 0 inch range
Adjustable bucking capacity

Sleek and adaptable


On site processing 
Mount on tailgate
Multi-unit capability 
Assembly line adaptability 
Industrial motors
Increase flower ratio

Food safe USDA FDA compliant


Full stainless steel exterior

Clean without tear down or extra tools 

Wipe down capability for smooth quick transition

Water resistant 

Reduce Biomass sent to processor 


About us

Horizon Harvesting is a harvesting technology family owned startup based in Dallas TX.  We research and develop new harvest, process, and commerce solutions for the emerging industry

As the industry moves towards larger and larger scaled growing operations need trimming, sorting, and harvesting solutions that can handle large product volumes and meet USDA, FDA, and HACCP standards.

Horizon Harvesting is the leader in trimming, bucking, separation, conveying, and drying equipment for commercial and industrial scale indoor and outdoor grows.  Our products are heavy duty, designed to be easy to clean and sanitize, and allow you to easily reclaim all of the valuable by-products of your crop.

Only Horizon Harvesting has the LOTUS stripping system that immediately and constantly adapts to the size of your stem.

The ONLY Bucking Machine that adapts to the size of your stem and protects your valuable flowers.

The Boulder has all of the performance and benefits of an industrial machine in a light weigh easy to handle package.  

We utilize non corrosive materials that can quickly and easily be cleaned and disinfected. The Boulder has an innovative drive system that gives the machine two operator stations so two people can buck at the same time, increasing your production.

The Boulder is the bucking machine that works as hard as you do.

Don't risk your time, money, and reputation on sending out contaminated product. Prevent cross contamination of pests, bacteria, mold, and pesticides, between batches by sanitizing your machine regularly. You need a machine that can withstand isopropyl alcohol, acetone, quaternary ammonia, bleach and other industrial sanitizers. You need a machine that is easy to clean with minimal tools and downtime. You need a machine that limits the number of people handling your product.

A machine built to work

The best of its kind on the market.


2019 Dual Station Bucker Manual

Manual for reference when setting up tension and cleaning.


Our Team



Building and creating innovative solutions to everyday problems is the foundation of our company. I bring a vast level of experience to the table. I am a welder with a passion for innovation I have over 15 years in construction and 10 years of mechanical experience. I started working on my dads car and that grew into not only a necessary skill, but now my passion. I look forward to helping other learn and hone their mechanical abilities in my own garage.  These every practical skills have helped me uncover my passion of creating physical solutions to harvesting and agricultural problems.



My passion is innovation. I have worked in the Bio Tech industry for 10 year in that time I have seen some amazing technologies used and created to help people through their medical challenges. I did not realize the true potential in oil until I witnessed a friends child that at one time would have seizures every 7 minutes and after taking the oil was able to function as a normal 7 year old with very few seizures. I knew at that point there was a whole area that needed to be explored and during that exploration saw many points that could use innovation that would help bring this critical product to market.


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